Lessons from Clinical Experience 1: Week 1

I didn’t put a terrible amount of thought going into my first clinical experience. I knew I’d be working in a setting that is primarily worker’s comp and didn’t want to open myself up to a lot of the negative connotations associated with it. The … Read More

The Golf Cart Path

His grandparents had moved recently to a cozy new neighborhood. Each roomy house with its own healthy lot, its own set of fresh bricks and its own upper class family to boot. A full golf course sprawled across the surrounding landscape. The developers had of … Read More

Student Loan Planning: Can I Afford Not to Save?

After I graduated from KU, I had a semester off of school. Notice how instead of giving a time frame or the season, I put semester even though I had graduated from college. I’m well programmed folks. My parents paid for my rent of $300/month … Read More

Building Blocks

Healthcare professions are a great example of modern specializations in adaptation to an ever increasing body of work. As my own physical therapy world continues to rapidly grow and cement itself in the healthcare system, it too continues to specialize. The education requirements shifted towards … Read More

Regions Visa Platinum: Personal Cash Back

Regions bank is a regional bank based out of Alabama and has branches primarily in the south. I received a targeted credit card offer sometime around April in the mail. Regions is my personal bank and I have nothing good to say about them and nothing … Read More

Tree Branch 23: How did I get here?

How did I get so high in this tree? I don’t remember learning to walk much less learning to climb. Somewhere deep in my psyche I can see my parents helping me up onto the sixth and seventh branches and then the subsequent ones are … Read More

American Express Everyday: The Beginning

  You never forget your first. After Capital One teased me, it turned out that American Express ended up following through with their targeted offer. In February of 2016 I got my first credit card, the American Express Everyday card. 3% cash back on blah … Read More

Hummingbird Water

Hummingbird Water I had to look it up on the martian sight. Not knowing kept waking me at night. Finally I found the one you loved, The one you spoke of as if it came from above. There it was, the drink more refreshing than … Read More