For the Cardiologist’s Heart

Kind of late for Valentine’s day, but oh well. A nod to “make it stick” classroom activities. This one’s dedicated to all the female cardiologists out there. Which is actually strikingly rare, with less than 1 in 10 in the US AND they are getting … Read More


Oh how I wish I could remember, that uniquely sacred structure. That resolute fortress, the Mexicans ultimately plundered. Maybe then I’d be more reverent of that old Texas mission, and wouldn’t even question how their leaders made the transition. Oh how I wish I could … Read More


Everything is trainable. Exhaustion is a fickle thing. Quickly broken with various stimulants: invigorating drugs, people, music, drinks. It can reverse course with the simplest alterations of body position or wandering changes in thought processes. The apparently simple cure for exhaustion is of course to … Read More

Coffee Shop

  It was her first time at the coffee shop on the corner of Gibson and Shiloh. The familiar green pigment that so many caffeine enthusiasts have been conditioned to associate with good vibes were replaced by an equally pleasing baby blue but a tad … Read More

Raindrop, droptop

Raindrop, droptop… cooking up these rhymes in a crockpot, refuse to kiss and betray like Iscariot lie to myself like “she’s a thot.” thick thots make me do trick shots trick shots, fade-away, stay away from that player hate laugh as more money goes in … Read More

Ouachita Trail: Mile 192-157.5

      This trip was going to be a trip with a couple bros and we were thinking about going 30 miles over 3 days. Then they couldn’t go and I started thinking, might as well go 45 miles because 15/day is doable. Then … Read More

Quercus Rubra

It’s not often I take your trail anymore but I heard you calling, so I packed my gear and in your direction I started hauling. The recently trodden foot path led me, just like I remembered, and now you stand so lovely you young red oak, … Read More

My Attempt at Home-Ownership in Graduate School

Last year while I was working on my physical therapy student shtick, I attempted to be approved for a mortgage along with a buddy of mine. Two single bros trying to get a mortgage in grad school without jobs and increasing amounts of student loans? … Read More

Cold Shadow

It was a habit he picked up in another state, in another time, to break up the monotonous hours of studying. Down six flights, loop, up six flights every single day without fail. No stairs these days, but his pace has quickened to make up … Read More

Online Stacking: The Devil’s in the Details

Holiday time has come and gone. That means plenty of great deals to buy myself my family and friends. While plenty of splendid savings can be had in store, it is easier to shop online and arguably even better discounts can be found especially when … Read More