Lessons from Clinical Experience 1: Week 5

Well butter my butt and call me toast. CE 1 and 5 weeks of free labor is in the books! Here we go:

  1. Buy in. Simple as that. The prevalence of complaining about a job is absurdly high. I try my best to only do it to help me bond with co-workers when I first start. Beyond that, I truly don’t see the point. Wherever I end up practicing, I know there will be downsides and I know their will be upsides. Internalize and latch onto the positives, buy into the mission statement and hustle in every activity no matter how small. As I work my way up, I’ll integrate change where I see fit. Way too many toxic environments out there. (Looking at you Walmart)
  2. Pain is…. fascinating. Abbreviated conversation. Pt walks in and plops down into chair.

    Me: So you had a fall and hit your hip?

    Pt: Yes, I slipped when I was….fell on it really hard.

    Me: How would you rate your pain right now out of 10. 10 being the worst pain you can possibly imagine?

    Pt: 9.

    Me: 9/10?

    Pt: Yep, 9.

    Me: How’s your pain doing sitting down in that chair?

    Pt: Not too bad.

    Me: Like a 9/10 not too bad?

    Pt: Yep.

    Me: Got it, just clarifying.

  3. I’ve embraced it at this point, really. They rank it high now and it helps me look better in a couple of weeks. Plenty of time later for pain education and management
  4. Pulleys are hard. Some patients are incredibly creative. That is a euphemism. Nothing further.
  5. Pharmaceutical intervention is rampant. Yes, the science is incredible and helps a lot of people. Yes, I know the majority of the population does have health issues related to obesity and psychosocial issues as well which can be indicators for prescriptions. With that being said, I was surprised when only one patient I saw didn’t take drugs. I definitely question the sum result of the efficacy, side effects and cost efficiency of these drugs.
  6. Game shows are the reason geris (geriatrics (old folk)) stay sharp. Not all are created equal, but hot-diggity-dog some are superb. Our television played game show network (GSN) pretty much non-stop. My top three are The Chase, Chain Reaction, and The $25,000 pyramid. Press Your Luck and Deal or No Deal are buns.
  7. I’m right where I belong. It’s taken me years to finally be able to practice and learn the specifics of my chosen career. I still get frustrated by how slowly life seems to be going by, but it is what it be.

That’s a wrap. Can’t wait to start my second rotation in the fall. Back to the didactic learning.


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