July 4th Thunder


Keep coming you rolling thunder clouds. Come pummel the airwaves with your own tune. Let loose and bring your torrent upon these shelters.

Let a single step outside sear my bare foot with your fury soaked curtains of rain. Let the rounded drops battle with my rounded shoulders. Let the precipitation on my visage cloud any vexed countenance that may betray me.

How about a slight forward lean as I come at you with a jog now. My arms wrestle with the interminable blankets of rain. They punch through your didactic work, and insult your pedagogy with every swipe.

Your servient drops ram into my proud chest now as I pick up speed. They hammer and rebound sprightly as they test my hearts ability to do the same.

My pace quickens once more. Your rumblings turn into a roar, incensed by my defiance. The ground quakes beneath these foundations I hold so dearly. My feet adapt to your capricious challenges.

I begin to discern the inklings of my own rage that have plagued me all these years. Your anger begets my own as you pull me into your ancient cycles. My pace quickens and my furor dissipates across your millions of rain drops who remember me from last time.


Happy 4th.


Ramble on,


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