Politically Correct: conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated

That is the definition of politically correct, per Merriam-Webster. Its first known use was in 1934 where it was featured in a New York Times piece about Nazi Germany.

The time honored image of the sleazy, crafty, machinating politician is alive and well. This trope is known the world over and is a cinematic cliché. In light of this, I can appreciate the desire to be spoken to clearly in a world that is more confusing and complex than ever. I can appreciate confidence in when we are too often mired in tenuous agreements and engagements. The desire to rebel against hypocrisy and bureaucracy is entrenched in the human spirit and has been refined through the years by Americans. In 2016 we fascinatingly saw the culmination of these desires cited in the election of Donald Trump. A man who bucks the conventional, squashes the status quo and supposedly gives voice to those whose voices have been drowned out by the cogs of the economic machine and ramblings of social justice.

One thing he is not, and proudly so, is politically correct. I would suggest that being politically incorrect is the next evolution of politics and Donald Trump and co. recognized that. The manipulation of being politically incorrect into its own ironic political tool makes Donald Trump and his handlers some of the craftier politicians of our time. However, rather than bringing about more discerning and open conversation he has simply turned into a provocateur; a mere dark shadow of what could have been. A provocateur unapologetically inflames the emotions to a level where it is the primary driver of behavior. Discourse is lost as the provocateur slaps down social conventions with speech after speech. With each violent thrash against expectations he allows others to do the same. Consequences be damned.

Indeed, the consequences. Becoming a candidate in the republican primaries. Winning the republican primaries. Winning the presidential election of the United States. The consequences for Trump have been non-existent. Regardless of the next election he will be in the history books, will always have an abundance of money and will always enjoy his luxurious tastes. The provocateur cannot be brought down unless he allows for it in his own mind. In his nature he has already divided from the establishment so the criticism and lack of respect from it falls on no ears at all. If he loses, then it just affirms that the system is rigged against him and does not want to hear his just message.

What Donald Trump, the provocateur in chief, has done, is surreptitiously sell the myth that political correctness is a modern feature and had no residence in a time when men were men. Rather, while more newly moniker-ed, it’s a tool that has been around as long as there has been struggle for power. He has sold the notion that speaking to the entirety of a diverse America is less important than speaking to those at his rallies. A businessman has been selling the ideology that if one is not politically correct, then the alternative is a genuine straight shooter. This is a grossly simplified false dichotomy full of guile and deceit. He has declared himself, but with much smaller words, the harbinger of truth. It is up to us to decide what Donald Trump portends.


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