For the Cardiologist’s Heart

Kind of late for Valentine’s day, but oh well.
A nod to “make it stick” classroom activities.
This one’s dedicated to all the female cardiologists out there. Which is actually strikingly rare, with less than 1 in 10 in the US AND they are getting paid less for the same work. Bernie and Warren where, where you at?
Back to the task at hand.


I’m a sensitive guy but don’t you worry, my highly sensitive CRP sure is low.

My heart is falling for you, better check my troponin T before we go any further.

My BNP is over 700. I’m trying my best to compensate, but my dyspnea might give it away.

I will bleed for you all of my days. My platelets are below 20,000 so it’s really hard to stop.

My cardiologist said I should be monitored by Holter. Holter?! I hardly know her!

Excuse my JVD, I tend to have problems on my right.

I’m worried about my how much I’m ejecting on my left, do you think we should acquire imaging through multiple gates.

I’m just dyeing to introduce myself, I might even have an elevated ST segment.
Sheesh. Glad that’s over. Those are not for the feint of heart…

Ramble on,


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