My Attempt at Home-Ownership in Graduate School

Last year while I was working on my physical therapy student shtick, I attempted to be approved for a mortgage along with a buddy of mine. Two single bros trying to get a mortgage in grad school without jobs and increasing amounts of student loans? … Read More

Online Stacking: The Devil’s in the Details

Holiday time has come and gone. That means plenty of great deals to buy myself my family and friends. While plenty of splendid savings can be had in store, it is easier to shop online and arguably even better discounts can be found especially when … Read More

Student Loan Planning: Can I Afford Not to Save?

After I graduated from KU, I had a semester off of school. Notice how instead of giving a time frame or the season, I put semester even though I had graduated from college. I’m well programmed folks. My parents paid for my rent of $300/month … Read More

Regions Visa Platinum: Personal Cash Back

Regions bank is a regional bank based out of Alabama and has branches primarily in the south. I received a targeted credit card offer sometime around April in the mail. Regions is my personal bank and I have nothing good to say about them and nothing … Read More

American Express Everyday: The Beginning

  You never forget your first. After Capital One teased me, it turned out that American Express ended up following through with their targeted offer. In February of 2016 I got my first credit card, the American Express Everyday card. 3% cash back on blah … Read More

Student Loan Planning (Scenario 1)

Alrighty, I’ve been ruminating about this topic for weeks. After undergraduate was paid for by scholarships and parental units, I’m now taking on substantial loans for graduate school to leverage myself towards my future career. I have two more years of school, so two more … Read More

The White Whale of Travel Credit Cards

The Chase Sapphire Reserve As a grad student right now accruing tens of thousands of dollars of debt, I have little surplus money to spend on travel and taking out more loan money seems like a dangerous precedent to set. However, my travel itch is incessant … Read More