Beach House

The deep-rooted goal is a house on the beach in Florida.

The young go there to vacation, only renting, but long for life on the beach. Add some years and the dream remains, but the tendency is to take their ambitious abodes more inland. Away from the bustle and away from the danger. Close, although not on the 1,350 miles of glistening shoreline. Or perhaps they just didn’t lay the groundwork early to be able to afford that dream (and for a certain subset that dream was never implanted in the first place). Those beach-side houses have always intrigued me. Somewhere along the way, these people had to plot out where they wanted to build their house. I wonder if they looked at storm patterns and the history of hurricanes in the area. I wonder if they looked at the flow of traffic. But I guess there are those that enjoy the traffic. Decisions decisions.

I’m curious about the tendencies that lead people to choose how much money to spend. What disposition is it that gives the savers the prudence to save and be able to spend more money to build their house in a more valued area? How did we come to value those plots of land so highly anyway?

How close were these people willing to get to the edge of the water? How many considered rising water levels? How many considered the cost of the constant, pernicious barrage of sand and ocean spray? I’ve always liked the people with their houses raised on pillars. These are my people. They’ve considered the cost of a reasonable, but not catastrophic failure. After all no one can predict or prepare for such tempests as Hurricane Andrew, which can rip even the best laid foundation to shreds. The pillar people know that the house may not be as aesthetic as their neighbor’s and know that everyday they will always have a couple more stairs to climb than everybody else. They know the price they pay for staying on those lower latitude beaches. Well, as best as anyone can. That is merely to say that they know the price based on the best assessment tools they can conjure.


Lord help me have the wisdom to decide where to build based on unassailable values.

Grant me the foresight to build a strong foundation with the highest quality pillars,

The willpower to climb those stairs and maintain my domicile against the daily offensive.

And the courage to acknowledge the fickle sea and delight in the warm beaches it makes.


Ramble on,


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