American Express Everyday: The Beginning


You never forget your first. After Capital One teased me, it turned out that American Express ended up following through with their targeted offer. In February of 2016 I got my first credit card, the American Express Everyday card. 3% cash back on blah blah, 2% back on blah blah blah… The important thing here is that I got $100 from doing $500 of normal spending after a couple months and used that to help offset the cost of all the Shock Tops I drank in Florida. I also got a decent amount back for putting part of summer school on it.

A couple important notes here:

Right now AmEx’s policy is that you can only get a sign-up bonus for a given card once in a lifetime so choose your sign-up bonus wisely.

You can get a credit limit increase from AmEx AFTER the card has been opened 60 days.

You must wait 6 months before getting another credit limit increase from ANY of AmEx’s cards. I ran into this issue when I tried to get an increase on a separate card.

I also believe that for an AmEx credit limit transfer, the card whose credit limit is to be transferred must have been open for 12 months.


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