Beach House

The deep-rooted goal is a house on the beach in Florida. The young go there to vacation, only renting, but long for life on the beach. Add some years and the dream remains, but the tendency is to take their ambitious abodes more inland. Away … Read More

Lessons Learned: Clinical Education 2, weeks 5-8

The span and tardiness of these updates have decreased in an exponential manner. I have returned. The span for the next three rotations will be every five weeks to make two posts per rotation.         1. Healthcare access in rural areas is … Read More

Lessons Learned: Clinical Education 2, Weeks 3 and 4

  Now a biweekly series. Either I’m getting wiser and don’t feel like there’s as many lessons to be learned, or I’m too dumb to recognize them. 1.     Family Management is tricky. I’d imagine family support is a huge factor in successful outcomes. A … Read More


Politically Correct: conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated That is the definition of politically correct, per Merriam-Webster. Its first known use was in 1934 where it was featured … Read More

Lessons Learned from Clinical Education 2: Week 2

  A little delayed, but Game of Thrones season finale, Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather and celebration of a friend who got his first big boy job.   1.)     Documentation still sucks. The amount of inefficiency drives me nuts. The computer is smart … Read More

Lessons Learned: Clinical Education 2, Week 1

  Boy howdy! It has been awhile since I last learned some clinical lessons. Just a couple months shy of a year. Now I’m in my last year of PT school, which includes 38 weeks of clinical rotations. So in terms of book learning, I’m … Read More

July 4th Thunder

  Keep coming you rolling thunder clouds. Come pummel the airwaves with your own tune. Let loose and bring your torrent upon these shelters. Let a single step outside sear my bare foot with your fury soaked curtains of rain. Let the rounded drops battle … Read More

Paul’s Peak Trail

  The Devil’s greatest trick was telling the world that Paul’s Peak Trail led to a peak. For the purposes of this vacation catalogue, my fellow adventurers were Brokeback Buck and Clyde. Your’s truly is Bo, Bo Jangles. After a travel fiasco that will be … Read More

Not too Far from Here

  Not too far from here and not too long ago she sent him off with one last novel feeling, a parting gift adding to the collection of unique experiences she imprinted on him. He found her suddenly troubled. The trouble was not in paradise … Read More